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A series of B.A.P mafia oneshot AUs from my B.A.P scenario Tumblr page. This is a collection of mafia AUs for each memeber but it all starts from the same point. So I hope you enjoy!It you want to check my B.A.P scenario blog it is B.A.PDayDreams  ForewordMemeber ProfilesBang YonggukHe is the leader of the famous mafia group, B.A.P. He is a strict leader and wants nothing more than to clear a mission with as less deaths as possible. None, if he can help it. He is the son of a famous CEO but instead of choosing to inherit his father’s business he chose the mafia way as he found the business world to be filled with power and money hungry people.He is cold and mean. He only smiles for the people he loves and shows his real side to the few he loves. He trusts no one more than his friends who are also his loyal members.He only deals with people who try to doge the justice system or are hiding from the law, and he will not do anything for people he thinks are evil and just want money. He spends most of his earning on charities and doing good but he keeps this a secret from the rest of his members. He respects each of his members and treats them fairly.He is skilled with a gun and can fight for his life with his fists. At the beginning he was always in the front lines but these days he stays back and lets his members take care of missions.Kim HimchanFormally a doctor, he was the son of a mafia worker. He chose to abandon the mafia world to live a normal life with the encouragement of his father. However, being a son of a mafia member and being raised in that environment meant that it would come back to haunt him.And it did, when his best friend, Yongguk came knocking at his door, limping and covered in blood while barely breathing. He swore he would never let any of his friends die on the job.Now, he was a good shot. He had high accuracy with his gun and he packed a powerful punch. However, only he could do the one thing the other members of this group couldn’t do, first aid. As a former doctor he was very skilled and he has saved his members’ lives on countless occasions.He is closest with Yongguk as they both went to the same high school and despite a difference in interest and vast personality difference, they managed to become best friends and trust each other the most.Jung DaehyunAs the last member to join the group, he is the one who is trusted the least. But he works hard to be trusted. Although he pretends it doesn’t bother him, it scares him a little bit to not be trusted as at any given moment he could get easily killed as he isn’t one for fighting.This means that he is the most awkward with Yongguk but they have mutual respect for each other. He was a bar singer before he was introduced to the darker side of the bar he worked in. With mafia members as regulars at the bar he worked in, he became good at gathering information.He was the best for doing reconnaissance and bringing back information on anything and anyone. But despite being the sneakiest, he was still the loudest as his vocal abilities were off the chart which sometimes made for a good disguise. He was also good at talking and getting information out of unsuspecting people. He had a way with the ladies and often used his charms to get the information he needed. He often doesn’t get involved in raids but when he does he was good at covering his members’ backs.Yoo YoungjaeBefore joining the group, he was a technician at an Internet café. He was good at fixing computers and any other electronic. Got a nasty virus? No problem, Yongjae will get it fixed faster than you can blink. Not only skilled with electrical equipment, he was also in charge of all the vehicles in the group. He knew the ins and outs of each mode of transport.This also meant that he had a way with hacking and gathering information from the deepest pits of a computer system as well as implanting explosives in the enemy’s cars.Working closely next to Daehyun, the two are unstoppable. This made him Daehyun’s closest companion and best friend. He can also hack into the CCTV system and most if not all security locks.He is also the brain of the group. He can easily make deductions and make the smartest move. He usually plans all of their raids and of course Yongguk approves of them but his plans are highly trusted.With Daehyun on his side, there isn’t even a single failed plan in his record. He highly respects Daehyun’s skills but he also feels a little bit threatened but it motives him to work harder as they both push each other’s buttons.Moon JongupHe is the quietest of the members and always looks like he has nothing to say about anything. However, being Yongguk’s first recruit and working as partners besides Yongguk, he is highly respected for his work. He has a close relationship with Yongguk and has all trust in him as the leader.He will bend backwards for Yongguk as Yongguk had saved his life. His personality is strikingly like Yongguk’s, which is why they work well. However, he has a more violent approach to his work. It is unlikely that he will show any mercy or remorse for his enemy. He has to be often reminded that they aren’t on a killing raid.His past is mostly unknown other than the fact that he is from a highly respected family of assassins so killing is in his blood but with Yongguk’s guidance he seems to be getting better. Being from a family of assassins, his accuracy with a gun is 100%. He never misses a shot so lord pray for whoever is on the receiving end of his gun.Choi JunhongAlso known as Zelo, he is from a family of a deadly and powerful mafia group. He left, as he didn’t want to be given power, he wanted to work for it adn gain it himself. Leaving his older brother to take over, he went under the wings of Yongguk, who has taught him everything he knows.He was the skilled sniper of the team as he found his interest in getting rid of the enemy from a hidden location. He was a tall man but he still managed to hit targets left, right and centre from places you would never expect him to get to or even fit with his size.He is always next to Jongup as they work closely together and they always know where the other is. It makes them a force to be reckoned with as they become unstoppable as Zelo always covers Jongup’s back. With Jongup in the front lines and Zelo looking out from the back they become the deadliest duo and despite Jongup’s quietness, Zelo always seems to know what the former is thinking and the former always knows what Zelo is thinking.Highly skilled at defence, he can protect anyone and anything he desires.