I Just Want You

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Author: riahishere
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One heart can only withstand so much pain, that is until it truly begins to break apart, piece by piece. Eventually there is nothing left to see or feel. That individual is left with the empty feeling of loneliness and pondering over what they are to do next. They hear voices of self doubt inside their ever growing black hole that has taken residence inside their being.Every step, voice, action, surrounding, and memory reminds them of what could have been... Or what should have been. Or so he thought. And yet he cannot seize the slight hope that creeps upon him... Bringing up thoughts of what if. Yes, what if indeed. ForewordOnce again the simple note, to him an elegant letter, caught his eye. As per usual, he convinces myself that a simple peak wont pain him too greatly. And as usual, he is wrong, as rare as that is. Feelings were not something he was an expert in. The words, so familiar he had them memorized, cause the tightness in his chest. The past feels like only yesterday to him. It was as though everything that took place never happened. Hed find his love snuggled under the comforter in his room looking gorgeous with his tousled blonde hair. All of the warm feelings and memories dance across his day dream, but immediately vanish as soon as the handwritten words come to an end. He is reminded that those days do not exist anymore. Jonghyun was no longer his. And that left Minho utterly and completely lost for the first time in his life.