He found Me!

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Author: Vampielicious
Time: 4 month ago

Prologue: I never did find out what happened to me.Im insane. Crazy.What happened to make me like this?Too much red cordial, maybe. Or my mom dropped me too many times as a baby. But Im completely nuts, and thats the way I like it.Only the best people are crazy.Now, where are my manners? Oh yeah! I dont have any! Well, since youre reading this, you might as well know my name...Its Sandara by the way. They usually call me Dara.So, I guess I should start my story.Once I was an ordinary girl. I had two of the best friends in the whole world. They were secretly in love with each other but would never ever admit it aloud. So, naturally, I had to play matchmaker. I got them together in eighth grade.And they died before we started freshman year.Too sudden for the start of the story? Well deal with it. Their deaths are what started this whole bloody thing! Because of their deaths my parents sent me away to try and live on my own. Of course, I was fine with that. They werent really very good parents anyways. The only person in my family that I really loved was my little sister Minzy and that was because I didnt really know her. My stepdad didnt really like me talking to anyone that was related to him.Okay, so now Im really going to start my story. This is what happened on the day I was sent away...12th of April three years ago, Seoul, South Korea Foreword Shes Sandara Park-A happy go-lucky personThis story is not mine, Its from flying-person from the world of WattpadI want to share this, because I got inspired!ENJOY!