One Fact A Day

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Author: Priscy123
Latest: Fact #2
Time: 4 month ago

Best friends Kai and Taehee come up with a simple bet - whoever guesses who the other person likes, the latter must confess to their crush. The condition? Each must reveal one fact about their crush a day.The subtle facts may start from scratch, but closer and closer, secrets will be revealed and even more created. As the story unravels and they venture deeper into this game, how will their piling truths and lies affect the close relationship they have now?   ForewordAuthors note:Hope youll have fun reading this. It may be quite a rollercoaster ride or a fluffy unicorn encounter depending on where Kai and Taehees words and actions take them. Id like to thank AYOGRAPHICS for the poster and background, and especially their speedy service.