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And love, doesn’t know endings; it never promised either a happy or sad one. It never promised me that Yifan will stay. Foreword In Our Stars  Ten years are enough for Meili to learn a few of things: 1. Sometimes a stranger is the best partner to celebrate your birthday with.2. You can’t always tell someone’s happy just by their smile.3. Some people actually need you to survive their life.4. It can actually take years to realize that you’re in love.5. Sometimes when it seems like you should give up, that’s when you shouldn’t.6. Love is very simple if you really cherish it.7. Sometimes you should let go of the one you can’t live without; it’s for the better.   Hola! This story is posted under EXOplosion Writing Contest. Another new Idol/OC story. And this time it’s finally Kris’ turn. I haven’t even finished my Suho/OC fic yet. Shitty author yes I am. Is it weird if I tear up everytime I see EXO’s old group pictures where Kris is still in?

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