Without You

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Time: 4 month ago

Sehun whos handsome , perfect and a straight guy fell in love with Luhan the baby face angel. Luhan already like Sehun since the first time he met him but he didnt tell Sehun. Sehun claims himself as a straight guy and couldnt believe it was love until one  day he realize and  decides to confess to Luhan on his birthday. Will their Love last forever?  This story is about love and sacrifice. starring Sehun and Luhan OST-   Exo -M - Angel             BJJ - First Kiss            Taemin - U                  ForewordAnnyeong guys XD Im back with another HunHan fic lolol I know the description was lame XD hehe I hope youll enjoy reading this :) Please READ, SUBSCRIBE, COMMENT and UPVOTE if you like this. Gomawo *bows*  Other HunHan fics Ive written : I Miss You : A HunHan Love StoryYoure My Only One (A sequel to I miss you) ~~~~