♔ Nine Charm 아홉 매력♫~ Trainee years{Open}

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Author: lovelyforme
Time: 4 month ago

SM EntertainmentSM has opened an audition to girls from china,korea and even japan! They will go through many tasks to be an idol.SM is hoping to have 9 miraculous amazing girls for their new girl group. The rest that had auditioned havent been decide for their future, they might be an actress? Soloist? model? MC ? or even, a manager?we dont know, its all on SM controls. Newswhat are the girls afraid of..?THE    JUDGES.yes, SM had picked 3 judges, but the 3 person havent been revealed.SM is going to give away the applicants on 21st of July 2012. Kim Jonghyun of SHINee confessed that he couldnt wait for the new girl group, as well as SNSDs Tiffany.  ❤Da Rules☞ No Bashing☞ Subscribe before OR after you apply ^^☞ Do Not pick a fight with other appliers☞ if you dont get choose, feel free to Unsubscribe because i was planning to give your character a special gift if you continue to subscribe OuO☞ Do not pick the same guy for your love interest, ill list the available dudes on the next chapter ^^☞ There is no password :DD☞ You can have an idol to be your sibling but not more than two please ;~; (except, if the idol you choose have a sister/brother as an idol, for example Jessica and krystal and also Dara and thunder ^^)☞ Please make the form super neat, lol, just make it normal and make sure im able to read it xD☞ I was just kidding around, there IS a password, on the bottom of your applicant, please put "i have one of the nine charms" ☞if you dont get chosen as one of the member, you may be submitted to other entertainment such as YG, CUBE , JYP , FNC and etc. OR you may be still in SM ^^☞ Application in BLOG form :)     ForewordThe Application will be out as like what on the news said.