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Author: Amberfied
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HELLO THERE GUYS! Its my first KryBer fanfic ever and Its was actually my first time to post my fanfic in public. Because Im not that confident to let anyone read my fic. Im a shy writer. Hahaha.And since I really want to know if my fic is good or bad, Ill share it with you guys so you can critic my writing ability.IF YOU ARE A GRAMMAR NAZI, ILL APOLOGIZE ALREADY. PLEASE FORGIVE ME. IM STILL SUFFERING THE GRAMMAR CONFUSION SYNDROME. IT REALLY GIVES ME A HARD TIME WHEN WRITING. IM REALLY SORRY IN ADVANCEEEE! ALSO FOR THE TYPO ERRORS.But I still hope you will enjoy my on-going fic and keep on reading as I update it. Thank you in advance! ForewordPerfect.If I were to describe her in one word, that is the definite adjective I would choose to use.From her soft hair strands, her mesmerizing eyes, that sexy pointed nose, those reddish lips and her chick bones which made her V-line shaped face looks sexier, her S-line shaped body and the milky white skin up to her flawless legs. Even if she’s just a girl behind my beautiful nightmares; I can assure that this sexy thing can be everyone’s fantasy. In case she doesn’t fit your standards, it’s a guarantee that no one would ever try to refuse a girl like her. I mean, she’s not that you would ever resist.She’s just the girl that everyone would desire. I don’t think if it’s right to say this but, she as already been the girl of my dreams.