My teacher and I

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Lee Emi- just your average junior in high school, she is 17 and an only child to two parents who travel for a living, leaving behind their only daughter. She is nice and quite funny, but could get real gritty when you test her patience.Kim Jaejoong- dubbed as the "mean teacher" of Seoul High. He is very cold in class to students but outside the school he is really the exact opposite. what happens when a teacher and a student make contact outside of school for the first time? Love? Happiness? Jail?   story will not be rated M but there will probably be some parts that are a bit rated. I am not too sure yet. ForewordMy heart began to sink into the pit of my stomach as I reached the door, Room 215. I haven’t shaken this terrible feeling since the first day, but I think it’s the same with the rest of my classmates. We all tally in the classroom in a silence that could let you hear a pin drop a thousand miles away. As soon as I walk in, I am greeted by the face of the strictest, meanest, teacher of Seoul High, Mr. Kim.  He was sitting at his desk calmly stapling packets, not even bothering to notice the miserable souls that enter his class. Although he seemed calm, there was always a dark aura present around him that imbedded fear in all students.I cautiously take my seat, which to my dreaded horror, is right in front of his desk. I sink into my seat as he stands up ready to begin his math lesson for the day. I honestly don’t know why the majority of the female population in the school find this man to be “charming,” “sexy,” and “charismatic,” all I see when I look at him is horror. Sure he may be a bit good looking but I fear him more than I affection him since he is quite intimidating.“Miss. Lee, sit up.” Mr. Kim ordered me while he tapped my desk with his marker.I instantly do as told, fearing the consequences of not doing so.“Good morning everyone, today we will be working with imaginary numbers. I expect you to be alert during this lesson as you will have a 30 question quiz based on it tomorrow.”His eyes roam the room, looking for students who aren’t listening or quietly protesting about the quiz. Though no one would dare to protest about it at all since the last time it happened, we ended up having the quiz on the same day and we all failed.“Good,” he continued, “let’s get started.”He then began scribbling on the board as usual with a stoic expression while he was lecturing. Lucky for us, this was all he had in store for us for today. He didn’t call anyone up to the board and ridicule them like he usually does.“He must be in a good mood today.” My friend Woohyun stated when we were finally out of the hell hole.I sighed as I felt myself calm down, “Tell me about it.”“You know, I have been noticing something about Mr. Kim these past few days.” Woohyun wondered aloud.“Really? What?” I asked curiously as we made our way to our next class which is our literature class.Woohyun stopped walking when we reached the door and looked around cautiously before leaning over and whispering, “Mr. Kim really likes to stare at you a lot.”I scoff and roll my eyes, that bastard keeps an eye on me because he thinks I’m a troublemaker, that’s why he moved my seat right in front of his. I reminded my dear friend, Woohyun of this fact but he insisted that he had ulterior motive for it.“Whatever.” I brush off the ridiculous topic as we take our seats and continue the rest of our boring school day.“Suit yourself.” Woohyun smirked teasingly.