#03 - My Life In High School

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Time: 6 month ago

Hello chingus! Im back for my third story :)This is a story of a girl who just went back to her hometown (Korea,seoul). There, she finds herself loving someone she never thought she will.ENJOY! <3 ForewordINTRODUCTION OF CHARACTERS AND INFORMATION 01. LEE NAERIN - 18 years old- Naive- Gentle- Kind- Sweet- Funny 02. LEE TAEMIN  - 17 years old- Adorable- Sweet- Noonas love 03. LEE JINKI, ONEW - 21 years old- SHINees leader- Cares for NaeRin as a dongsaeng, alot.- Possess onew condition 04. KIM JONGHYUN - 20 years old- SHINees main vocal- Vainpot- Extremely sweet- Every girls love 05. KIM KIBUM, KEY - 19 years old- Funny- Extreme diva- Unacceptable to intolerable things- SHINees umma 06. CHOI MINHO - 19 years old- SHINees flaming charisma- Man of few words