When Your Smile Is Brighter Than The Sun

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Author: deer_yoongie_
Time: 6 month ago

Here is my first story about yoontae. Hopefully you can enjoy. Looking forward for your thought :)The background of the story is their daily life as SNSD members.. ForewordThis fan fiction story is about a girl namely Im Yoon Ah (Yoona), the face of the national girl group of South Korea So Nyeo Shi Dae a.k.a SNSD which the international name is Girls’ Generation, and her colleague member in the group namely Kim Tae Yeon (Taeyeon), the leader of the group as the oldest one but have a tittle “kid leader” because of her “childish” image.Their early dorm life is just nothing special but sisterhood-like daily life and of course all about the tight schedule of their current status as members of a famous girl group in k-pop industry. Till one day the younger girl couldn’t keep anymore about her feeling. It was like gonna explode since she was kept it for years. And it is the day, one day, that will change their eonni-dongsaeng relationship trough days in the future……….