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Author: seoul-dragons
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Your parents were good friends with one of the wealthiest families of Seoul. And when you had decided to transfer to Seoul for University, Kris’ parent recommended you to stay with them. They thing is, you have never met them since you were 5, and their son too. But there’s a catch, you liked their son when you had first met him. It was your childhood crush. Yeah. We’ll call it that.So what is he like now? What if he wants you to be his girlfriend? What if you were his first? ForewordCharacters:You:From KangWon-Do19 years oldNeurology majorHighschool ValedictorianTalks backHumorousVery sweetKris22 YearsSkipped a gradeValedictoiran of his yearTeasingHumorousClaims to hate you but loves to tease and talk to youPopularJust plain hot   “We have to act like a real couple, and if one of us falls for each other, we have to end the relationship.”  Disclaimer © I definitely do not own any of the artist mentioned in the story.No copyright infringement intended. This story has been created for entertainment and reading purposes only.Any distribution or plagiarism of this private fanfic is strictly prohibited prior to the consent/s of the author.Some images do not belong to me and is originally by its owner. Ratings This fanfic will be temporarily marked unrated. It is viewable to everyone. It will currently be rated as GENERAL. It will contain cussing for the sake of the FanFic so please read at your own risk  POSTERS: YUMEESTORIESBLUYOUNGSTER || Ramyunsoup