Rapunzel and The Knight

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She was locked, he came to save her.   Park Shinhye as Rapunzel    Jung Yonghwa as The Knight    Foreword  She sighs as she drops her body on the green grassy field. "No one will come right?" And she sighs a moment after that, when she can only hear birds singing and flying excitedly around the field. "Just where are you my Knight in shining armour?"    I suddenly got the idea after I saw those pictures that my friend shared..You guys can check it on my twitter hereI wont promise that I will post this as quickly..I might post it after Eid or sooner, depend on my free time.Lastly before I conclude,  this is my first try on fantasy like story, I hope it reach you guys..HeheAnnyeong for now... ♥ P/S: I got a poster at last! Hurray! Thank you http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/999320/1704-graphic-review-shop-open-for-reviews-and-closed-for-graphics-hiring-reviewers-designers-batch-seven-request-graphicshop-reviewshop-graphicandreviews-multishop and graphic designer Infinexx for the poster!